In the legal market place you will find different types of lawyers offering legal services. You can also save money by doing some of your own legal work with a lawyer checking parts of it for you - this is often called an ‘unbundled' service.

Some people offer legal services as part of providing another professional service such as tax advice. And they may be regulated.

For example, chartered accountants are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Their regulator requires them to meet service standards, and their clients have protections available (such as compulsory professional insurance) and rights to complain if something goes wrong.

Others providing legal services may not offer the same protections. They may also describe themselves in more vague terms—such as a ‘specialist' in employment disputes.

Always check a provider's qualifications, and find out what regulations they or their firm have to follow. Ask who regulates them, find out how to make complaints, and check what protections you will have if things go wrong.

See my legal options if you have a problem with a lawyer, and want to know what protections cover you.

In this section you can also find out about DIY legal work if you are thinking about doing your legal work yourself.