These days it can be all too easy to lose control of your finances. When the bills stack up and money's tight you can find yourself sinking fast, just going round and round to make ends meet each month.

Legal problems can soon follow. Threats of legal action from creditors and possible court judgements are just two you might face.

If you find debt starting to take over your life, don't suffer in silence. Help is out there to get to grips with the situation and work out your options.

Taking back control

Like many things in life the sooner you take action the better. There are lots of free sources of help out there.

The Money Advice Service is one place to start.

It can give you independent practical advice about your financial situations. They also provide budget planners, calculators and all the latest tips and advice to help you manage your finances. Visit the Money Advice Service to find out how to contact them and to get started: this video has some quick advice:

There are also organisations out there to help advise you about the best options to take to get things sorted out. Two of these are Citizens Advice, and the Advicenow service.

Another organisation that can help you is the National Debtline.

If things have got to the point of being threatened with legal action over a debt you may want to arrange to visit a Law Centre, or email or telephone them. There are Law Centres in different towns and cities across England and Wales, take a look at the Law Centres Network site to get the information you need.

Some law firms offer debt management services and will be able to discuss your options with you and advise you if they can help to resolve your situation. You can find out more information about lawyers and how to find one on our types of lawyers page.