Are you a goldfish owner?

If you are you might recognise the excitement of buying your new pet from the local pet store, and then getting it home and into your fish tank. You may even have watched proudly as it swam off to explore its new home.

However - what if when you checked the tank the next day you found your new fish floating lifelessly on top of the water? Chances are you might go back to the store to get a refund or a replacement fish. 

So imagine a situation where the pet store refused to replace the dead fish or give you a refund, even though you have your receipt and the ex-fish in a plastic bag with you. Does that feel like a legal issue to you?

You might answer "no". So what about if it had been a giant Koi Carp that you'd purchased instead for £1000 that died in your pond overnight, and you were refused a refund. Would that be a legal issue?

Depending on your point of view there are all sorts of times in life when we might think something has a legal feel to it. Depending on the situation at hand sometimes you need professional legal advice to help you work out what to do.

This month's Legal Choices survey is all about legal issues. It'll only take you a few moments to complete and you'll get the chance to have your say about a range of situations and whether or not you regard them as legal issues.

Take part in the survey.

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