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 Seeing your parents argue can be upsetting. And it's worse if they are going through a divorce. Who will look after you? Who can you have contact with?

When your parents get a divorce

1. You can see each of your parents
You can have contact with both your parents, as long as it's the best thing for you. The amount of contact time you have with each parent needs to be agreed.

2. You can have your say about where to live
You should speak to your parents about the amount of time you want to spend with each of them. Your parents might both agree to your wishes, or they might not agree with you or with each other.

Your parents can see a mediator or go to court to decide how much contact you will have with them.

A court order can say who you must live with until you are 18 years old. After that, you can choose where to live and who to live with. If there is no court order, you can decide where to live when you reach the age of 16.

3. It is a good idea to get help and advice
ou might find it hard to talk to your parents. There are many ways to get help. You can contact Childline about anything. You can talk to them about any worries you have about your parents' divorce. Childline is here to help.

Call Corum Children's Legal Centre for free help understanding family law or child law.

If you are having any other problems, why not see if the law can help you?

If you're not sure about the meaning of words that are used to describe what's going on in the legal side of a family breakdown, search our dictionary below or visit the Legal Choices law dictionary.

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