Quick question - what have the following celebrities got in common?

Kylie Minogue             David Beckham              Alan Sugar

No, it's not that they all have their own fragrance range (unless Lord Sugar plans to release an aftershave this Christmas).

They are all stars that people feel they would turn to if they wanted advice about something (provided they could get in touch with them), according to the latest research from Citizens Advice.

They also found out that people now turn more to internet search engines to get the advice they want than talking to their family.

And advice websites are big business - last year over a third of the UK's online population visited Citizens Advice's Adviceguide website for help.

The research also found that money is the top issue people need help with, followed by work issues.

Sometimes the things we need advice about have a legal feel to them.

Take a look at our Got a legal issue? page to see all sorts of legal situations, and facts from the legal regulators about some of the things to bear in mind.

And if you're thinking of launching a celebrity fragrance - don't forget to check out our types of lawyers pages and make sure you take care of the legal side of things!

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