Ah, the great British summertime.

What does it mean to you? Long hot lazy days? Picnics in the park? Ice creams and barbecues?

Of course the reality of our summertime can sometimes be more like torrential rain, wasp attacks, and traffic jams.

At times like that holidays overseas with more guarantee of sunshine can start to look more attractive.

Take the summer of 2012 for example. It had the highest rainfall in the UK for 100 years and saw more than 13 million of us book holidays abroad. In 2013 a survey by ABTA (the Travel Association) found that 21% of us see an annual overseas holiday as the most important necessity in our lives.

With so many of us now taking holidays overseas, and increasingly visiting countries with different laws and legal systems, there is demand for legal advice about situations that happen to us in other countries. However it can be hard to work out how to get that legal advice when you're back in the UK.

If you need to talk to a lawyer with knowledge of another country's laws, take a look at our new FAQ to get a few helpful ideas.

And if you are heading off overseas for a holiday soon - don't forget to pack the factor 30...

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