Poor February.

It's such a short month, and if we're honest it's not generally the time of year that brings us the nicest weather.

Not many flowers have popped out of the ground, and a lot of our new year resolutions will have really started to bite the dust during the month.

The start of the year can also be a time when relationships are strained, and many law firms report increased numbers of people seeking advice about their relationships. Of course there can be all sorts of legal considerations for relationships, marriages and civil partnerships, some of which we cover on the families pages.

But let's not forget there are some reasons to be cheerful during February, that bring people closer together. St. Valentines Day is a highlight for the romantics to step forward and celebrate their relationships. Pancake Day is also there to lift the mood and get people cooking and eating together.

So this February let's put aside the gloom and celebrate. To get started, Legal Choices has a new fun quiz about the legal side of relationships to help lift the mood.

Take the quiz here. Good luck - and enjoy the rest of February.    

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