747 years in the making

A year is a pretty long time. When it gets to the end of the year it can be hard to recall what things looked like 12 months ago.

Imagine though looking back over 747 years. That would be a lot of history by anyone's standards.

747 years ago King Henry III was on the throne, and a furious civil war in England was coming to an end.

It was also the year that some of the oldest laws still in force today in England were passed, as part of the Statute of Marlborough.

2015 could see the curtain fall for some of those laws. The Law Commission is now consulting on proposals to repeal some that cover debt collection, after new laws came into force in 2014.

However a lot more happened in 2014 in the legal world. Have a go at the Legal Choices end-of-year quiz and see how much you remember -  it's a lot more fun than a history lesson!

All the best for 2015 from Legal Choices.

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