There are other things to think about before you buy a pet:

  • Are you ready for the commitment?
    Dogs need regular walks, and animals in general need lots of looking after.
  • Can you afford it?
    Animals can be expensive. This includes initial fees, vaccinations, food, insurance and vets' bills.
  • Is your home ready?
    Think about where the pet will sleep, eat and play.
  • Could you be allergic?
    Do some research into your medical history.
  • Buying from a dog breeder?
    Check if they are on the Kennel Club Register. Make sure the breeder can enter into a legal contract with you when you buy a dog.
  • Rehoming a rescued cat or dog?
    Check if the seller is a member of the Association of Dogs and Cat Homes.
  • Buying from a pet shop?
    Ask to see its licence.