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There's been a change in the way that Chartered Legal Executives can provide legal services that offers more choice to people needing help with a legal problem.

The law says that some types of legal work can only be dealt with by people who have special permission to carry out the work. This is known as "reserved" legal work. 

This includes the legal work that has to be done when you are buying a house, dealing with the estate of someone who has died, need representation in a criminal matter, help with making a claim or dealing with divorce or other family law matters.

Before October 2014 CILEx members had to work under the supervision of a solicitor if they provided this type of work. Now they can gain a qualification to carry out reserved legal work in their own name.

They will have shown as part of their qualification that they have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to be competent in their own area of legal work and to deal with your matter.

They will deliver legal services through law firms that are regulated. The regulator for Chartered Legal Executives, CILEx Regulation, regulates law firms and you can find regulated firms on their site.

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