Good legal advice can be a lifeline in hard times. And finding the right legal adviser can make all the difference.

Weigh up your options before you choose a legal adviser.

There's a lot of information out there to help you compare legal advisers. Use it to choose one who's right for you.

Read online reviews

Check out online customer reviews to see what other people are saying about legal advisers they used.

For the full picture, make sure you read any replies to customer reviews. And think about the number of customers who have offered a rating.

If someone you know suggests a legal adviser, you can search for reviews about them.

Using comparison or review websites

Some websites help you compare legal advisers before you choose one. They can include information about prices, services and expertise.

The websites we've listed here include customer reviews of legal advisers. They might help you find one who's right for you.

When you search in Google Maps for the names of firms that offer legal advice, you may find customer reviews there as well.

Visit legal advisers' websites

Firms that offer legal advice normally have their own website. If you have a legal adviser in mind, check out their website or make a shortlist and compare different websites.

You can always contact a legal adviser to ask for more information about what they will do for you. Contact details should be on their firm's website.

Need help?

Here at Legal Choices, we explain the services that different types of legal advisers can offer.

Or take a look at Your legal options to learn about issues you might run into when using a legal adviser and how to deal with them.

If you plan to use a regulated legal adviser, you can check the information about them on their regulator's register.

Good to know

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We're not trying to sell you anything. The information here is independent.

We just tell you about things that could help you make better choices about legal issues and legal advisers.

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